Administration Rumination

//Administration Rumination

Administration Rumination

By Kathy Douglas


I step over the cracks trying
not to break my mother’s back
while news accelerates to sideshow
with Prez T as the bearded lady
and Melania in the wrong place,
wrong time. Time starts to taste like wormwood
and rue, sour herb of grace, and climate change parodies itself
in debates over how and why it is named and who does
the naming. In this aluminum wrapped house
it’s like a can’s about to be recycled—
we are poised on the sharp lip
of a popped top waiting
to be dumped into
the hopper


Kathy Douglas’s published work can be found online and in print in Unlost Journal, Calyx, Drunken Boat, The Cafe Review, Noctua, Right Hand Pointing, After The Pause, shufpoetry, and Poetry WTF?! She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington College. Recently, she has been focused on cut up and collaged found poems. This interest is rooted in the positive reinforcement in Catholic grammar school of a somewhat above average ability to diagram sentences. During the 45th administration, she almost takes comfort in slashing sentences apart and remixing them into poems. By day, she supports the career development of young professionals in fields related to saving the planet. She tweets @kathydouglas and blogs periodically at

Photo credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis via a Creative Commons license.

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  1. Lynne Handy 2018-02-08 at 1:59 pm

    Exciting poem.

  2. Jeanne Wahl 2018-02-12 at 6:34 am

    Let us not talk falsely now, the hours getting late

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