You’re Nightly Run Down

//You’re Nightly Run Down

You’re Nightly Run Down

By C. S. Guppy

Source: The New York Times evening briefings from February 13 – 15, 2017

Justin Trudeau of
Canada went

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
returned home from
weekend golf outing
discussed response
to North Korea’s missile
test in full view
of diners

North Korea claims
its launch shows
the White House sent
mixed signals

On the homefront,
hitting a roadblock
in the quest
inside Trump Tower,
pressing on with
global deals

More harrowing details:
Canisters of chlorine
gas, a banned weapon,
were dumped
Russia, contrary to its
repeated claims, bombed
a major hospital

A California dam’s
Modern goddesses
come to life

The best and worst of
the American College of Physicians
Wait it out

Dairy industry
call on Congress to stop
makers of popular
plant-based alternatives

The 36 Questions
That Lead to Love
our latest

The resignation as President
Trump’s national
security adviser
was not entirely honest
—a new cruise missile

Mr. Trump
building relationships
with Arab countries

The police
found guilty of
murder and
the damaged
Oroville Dam

An influential
science advisory group
lent its support to
India as the
in the world

After trying
competing theories:
how to keep them
at the Westminster
Kennel Club Dog Show

set sights on
the White House,

President Trump
could “live with”
a one-state solution;
anger and
bafflement among

Russia denied
contact with
Trump campaign

The resignation of
Michael T. Flynn,
the leaks from
American intelligence
agencies to the
news media,
a computer,
iOS device,
Android device

Andrew Puzder withdrew
from consideration

Our reporters make
a harrowing choice:
Here’s a guide to your rights

Throughout the
country, independent
have taken on a new life
as centers of

Police in Malaysia
attack North Korea’s leader,
Kim Jong-un
Mr. Kim
has ordered

For the second straight
year, traffic deaths were up

When all eyes were on her
Beyoncé won
at the Grammys

It’s never been
a next-generation

We are
in the universe

C.S. Guppy started out as a high school English teacher. That was so much fun, she decided to become a Sunday school director, then a desktop publisher, then a technical writer, then a graphic designer, then a copyeditor (for Ecotone literary journal), then a server, then a dog walker, then a mom, and most recently, an activist. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2012. Her essays have appeared in The Sun and Alligator Juniper, with one forthcoming in Ruminate magazine. She lives in northern Colorado with her family.

Photo credit: Jeremy Keith via a Creative Commons license.

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