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By Ruth Nolan Many bones have been broken here in the tricky Mojave River quicksand, huge Cottonwood trees taken down, gnawed low to the marrow by beavers. Behind me, the shadow of a man, his fishing pole slung across his shoulder. He tells me he will catch crawdads first, skin and fry a trout or two [...]

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Hail and Farewell to Editors of Poetry

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Writers Resist is delighted to welcome our new poetry editor, Ruth Nolan, MFA, University of California Riverside. Already a contributing writer, Ruth brings to the journal a deep understanding of the power of the written word. Ruth said of poetry’s role in the resistance, “Poetry is at heart a political entity, one that is both personal [...]

Going Limp

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By Ruth Nolan It was your favorite story, the one you most loved to tell me, from the days when you were the star of your high school football team, MVP, you'd say: It's important to go limp after throwing a pass because you know you're going to get hit and that way you're less likely [...]

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