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Boy Bye

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  Boy Bye By Lauren Marie Scovel Lauren Marie Scovel is a Boston-based bookseller and editorial assistant. She graduated from Emerson College with degrees in Writing, Literature, Publishing and Theatre Studies. This photograph was taken with a Promaster 2500PK Super film camera at the Women's March in Washington D.C.

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First 100 Days: March of the Millennials and Grandmas

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By Candy Schulman Editor's note: Trump's inauguration initiated a series of public demonstrations that have continued throughout his first 100 days—including, challenging his refusal to release his taxes, in support of science and the environment, in defiance of his bigoted attempts to limit immigration and, as this essay reminds us, to make clear the power of women inspired [...]

March, redoubled: When plans go South by K Walton

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Hi, Julie, Thank you for writing your essay, “March, interrupted: When plans go South” (Writers Resist, February 2, 2017 issue). Thank you for raising your pen in service of the movement and for speaking from a place of awareness and resistance. Thank you for lifting up hope in the face of all the fear and anxiety [...]