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By Heather Herrman   A month ago, I lost my daughter to a miscarriage. Science did not tell me she was a girl, but I knew it through every bone in my body. My great-grandmother, Wilhelmina Volk, came from Germany when she was sixteen to an arranged marriage with a drunk. The man gave her two [...]

The Invisible

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By Jason Metz   You do not see us, so let me show you. I’ll start here, with a needle. First, there’s an antiseptic pad to sterilize the injection area, to the left of the belly button, just below a birthmark. The needle is more like a fat pen, a pre-filled syringe encased in plastic with [...]

Something More

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By Cynthia Romanowski   2017: January. Huntington Beach. I'm on my couch. Tears rolling down. Obama just thanked Michelle in his farewell and I've finally lost it. This is not about politics, at least it doesn't feel like it, it feels like something more. In the kitchen my boyfriend opens a package from the mail. It's the [...]

Blue Plate Special

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By Sara Marchant   The little girl in the booth behind me is bouncing on her vinyl seat in excitement, and I stop chewing my crunchy salad in order to better eavesdrop. My back is to her, and her back is towards me, so I can hear her breathy voice over the bouncing creak of the [...]

Fun to Be Fabulous

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By C. Gregory Thompson “You look just like my aunt,” the woman said to us, looking at my friend, Sara. “But, of course, she’s dead now.” We were perched on the aqua blue cushions of an outdoor couch on what we jokingly referred to as the “lanai” at Rancho Las Palmas, a resort in Palm Desert, [...]

The Prescription

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By Carolyn Ziel My friend Jill posted a picture of Steve Bannon on Facebook with his quote, “Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy.” Jill’s comment was “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” My response was “hash tag medical marijuana.” I was kidding when I wrote it. But on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30, [...]

Nightmare on Elm Street

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By Cassandra Lane Dylann Storm Roof invades my dream space in the days after he murders nine African Americans at a Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina. His spirit travels 2,480 miles to reach the interior of my imagination in Los Angeles. Like a bloodhound, he finds my Southern black body hiding out in the desert. As [...]

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Was it foolish to think so?

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By Sara Marchant My husband’s birthday is November eighth. He takes the day off. We drive to Idyllwild for lunch. It is a windy day so we have the patio to ourselves until an elderly white lady with an elderly dog joins us. She greets the waiter by name and he greets the cranky old dog [...]