The Wall

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A Poster by Tomaso Marcolla   Tomaso Marcolla was born in 1964, in Trento, Italy, where he currently lives and creates. Graduated from the Art Institute of Trento, he began work as a graphic designer in 1985. He began to experiment his passion for art with watercolors, “applying them on non-traditional backgrounds, from Japanese paper to chalk.” [...]


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By Tara Williams     Artist’s note: My concept for this painting is the feeling of being disconnected from America, like a neighbor you catch glimpses of, but still don’t know. I wanted it to reflect the moment one finally realizes the appalling things that occur in this nation on a daily basis. While creating this [...]

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Weathered Reports: Trump Surrogate Quotes From the Underground

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Weathered Reports: Trump Surrogate Quotes From the Underground, a chapbook, is my collaboration with fine arts photographer Amy Bassin. I matched quotes from many of history’s most infamous tyrants to Amy’s funereal sculptural portraits to produce spins by DJ Trump surrogates from Genghis Khan to the Koch Brothers. Each [...]

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Boy Bye

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  Boy Bye By Lauren Marie Scovel Lauren Marie Scovel is a Boston-based bookseller and editorial assistant. She graduated from Emerson College with degrees in Writing, Literature, Publishing and Theatre Studies. This photograph was taken with a Promaster 2500PK Super film camera at the Women's March in Washington D.C.

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What She’s Waiting For

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  By Christopher Woods   Christopher Woods is a writer, teacher and photographer who lives in Texas. He has published a novel, The Dream Patch; a prose collection, Under a Riverbed Sky; and a book of stage monologues for actors, Heart Speak. His work has appeared in The Southern Review, New England Review, New Orleans Review, Columbia and Glimmer [...]

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Alternate Facts by Tim O’Brien

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  "The Little Golden Book of Alternate Facts" by Tim O'Brien builds upon the classic Little Golden Books to create a satyrical response to Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway's euphemism "alternative facts." She spoke the term on Meet the Press, Sunday 22 January 2017, when referencing false statements made by new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer about the [...]

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The Inauguration Day that Wasn’t with Mr. First Lady

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By Pepper Hume   Pepper Hume is a refugee from professional theatre design in scenery and costumes. After working all over the country, including years in both Chicago and New York, she retired to her hometown of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. She has a novel and several short stories under her belt—some published—and is working on a reference [...]

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War Dogs #2 by Patrick Brown

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A profile of the artist   Girl in Blue Artist Patrick Brown is a fairly quiet man—perhaps a bit shy—with a cute laugh, a slight Southern accent, and a gentle sadness that sometimes shades his eyes. It’s a companionable sorrow, though. It reaches into his paintings and says, “It might hurt, but it’s OK [...]

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Divided We Stand

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  By Janice Grinsell Pastel drawing on paper/ iphoneography composite. Artist's statement "Divided We Stand" was born on election night when the sea of red pushed into a nauseous realization that Trump would be ... Janice Grinsell is a multidisciplinary artist fascinated with the exploration and combination of media. She has a vast portfolio that includes [...]

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I Voted: 2016

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  By Diego Barrientos Acrylic, medical tape, aluminum wire, and sticker on canvas board. Artist's statement I created "I Voted: 2016" after voting on November 8. This perfectly illustrates how it felt to participate in a rigged system. I am a Guatemalan-born California resident and an Iraq War veteran who voted for Bernie Sanders, the true Democratic [...]

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California Least Tern Eggs

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  By Anna Stump Artist's statement: I have painted birds periodically throughout my life, mainly as a symbol for fragility, both personal and political. "California Least Tern Eggs," from my Terrariums series, is mixed media on paper. Terrariums began as a series depicting Passenger Pigeons, which are extinct. I’ve expanded the subject to include endangered birds, [...]

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