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A short story by Colin Patrick Ennen Antonia ducked behind a hardware store to catch her breath and avoid puking, thinking there was no way they'd look for her skinny, uncoordinated ass there. Huffing hard, she vowed to get in shape if she made it through this crisis, because either something was buzzing nearby or her [...]

Across the Hard-Packed Sand

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By Holly Schofield   Kelly, the dispatcher, sent the call my way, but Nick caught it too, so my squad car arrived at the beach parking lot a few seconds after his. We hadn't worked together much, but I'd sussed him out long ago. He wasn't one of the good ones—those were rare—but at least he [...]

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Washing Instructions

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By Brenda Birenbaum   You raise your hands to hush the crowd, you raise your hands america america, you raise your hands palms out to hush the crowd to give it voice, translate primordial hoots and jeers and lewd youtubes—flip off the camera, yeah, thrust that pelvis forward, yeah—the gun swells in your pants and you [...]

Patriarchal Palaver and Politics

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By Chinyere Onyekwere   Kpotuba sweated profusely as she climbed the ten dilapidated steps to Nigeria's Independent National Electoral Commission notice board. She looked for her name on the sample ballot, and its absence shocked her, rendered her huge undulating body immobile. She fought back tears of humiliation when a group of certified male contenders snickered [...]

The Woman Candidate

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By Caralyn Davis   “You crave power,” they said. “Everyone who runs for president craves power. You need power to get things done,” the woman candidate said. “The question is: What will each of us do with that power?” “Women shouldn’t want that much power. You’re corrupt,” they said. “Look, here’s an article from a website our [...]

The Which In Waiting

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By R.W.W. Greene   Joanne’s television remote hit the wall hard, spawning batteries and bits of plastic that chose their own paths to the floor. She flicked the switch on the power strip that governed the media center and picked up the tarnished hourglass she’d readied before tuning into the ceremony. Four years would likely be [...]

The Kindness of Jolene: a #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain Parable

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By Dan McClenaghan   There’s no telling how the frog got into the lettuce. Hopped up out of an irrigation furrow just prior to harvest is the best guess. What is certain is that he ended up in Jolene Rivard’s salad, a rainbow of raw vegetable matter collected by Jolene herself at the salad bar. She didn’t [...]

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An Open Letter to the People Beyond the Fence

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From David H. Reinarz,   I am writing to you from the Political Re-Education Farm, which I believe is somewhere in Southern Idaho. They won’t tell us exactly where we are. It’s part of the New Regime’s disorientation/reorientation technique. They’re trying to change our minds. There is a big fence around the farm—President 45 likes walls [...]

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First 100 Days: Two Trump Heads Are Better Than One?

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By Marleen S. Barr   Professor Sondra Lear, a feminist science fiction scholar who teaches at the Metropolitan University of New York, could not ignore the persistent pain in her molar. Thus it came to pass that she found herself sitting in an oral surgeon’s chair about to have her tooth extracted. “Do you want me [...]

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And Then He Moved On

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By William Aime   On his first day, his boss gave him a pair of t-shirts. She asked his size, which was extra-large, but she only had large or medium. She gave him two larges and told him that she’d give him the right size when more shirts came in. He wore the shirts once or [...]

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By Koushik Banerjea   “What are you doing?” He was surprised by the question, believing himself to have been alone. He had been admiring himself in a shard of mirror he had found earlier, discarded on the dirt road snaking around the park. Gauging his reflection, he tried to look haughty, then severe, by turns flaring [...]

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The Daylight Underground

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By Héctor Tobar   For the last time, we share a moment of sensual repose. My hand in yours. The sweat on our bare skin, a salty moistness in the desert air. My mestiza, Maritza Melanie. And me, your James, your lover for one hour more. We weren’t supposed to happen. That chance meeting at the [...]