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Who We Are

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By Elisabeth Horan   Worrying        scared             ashamed        embarrassed                         angry sexualized      objectified      demonized Fat                   disgusting      too thin           too woman Lesbians         gays                fags                 hags Sluts                pussies African American Latinas/os Hispanics Indians Native Americans Refugees        Syrians           Yemenis         Afghanis         Iraqis              Sudanese Famine           war                 death Ignore             /          Ignorance Bombings [...]

I Promise I’ll Pick Up

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By Elisabeth Horan I’ve been left out They had a baby shower without me I’m not pregnant right now but I can still be pretty fun sometimes They’re constructing a pipeline, Under rivers of bones and shale Through the homes of the earthworms Didn’t ask the worms if that was ok Didn’t ask me either They [...]

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