Issue 38: 31 Aug 2017

/Issue 38: 31 Aug 2017

Empty Plinths

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By Robbie Gamble That history was cast, it had its time to patina publically, those grandiose bits: goatees, greatcoats and spurs all sober and saddle-erect, hauled down amid conflicted outcries of righteous mobs, or unbolted and forklifted away into the night. Let the sullen air settle. In municipal plazas, the plinths remain stolid, their bare cornices [...]


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By Suzanne O’Connell Your arms waved for help. The policeman bent down, hand on gun. “No!” you shouted. He fired. The sound, an exploding beehive. I looked at your fragile skull, resting on the sharp leaves of fall. Your eyelids blinked. Helicopters circled, sirens came. Your blood kept pooling. It was the color of mine. I [...]

Of Gas and Guilt

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By Alexander Schuhr   My grandfather farted a lot. Sometimes it took as little as rising from a chair or a slight adjustment of his position and he’d let one fly. In my preadolescent years, I used to burst into laughter. And why not? Among my classmates, a thunderous salute called for proper acknowledgement. Embarrassment was [...]

Upon Recognizing Yesterday’s ‘Well-Meaning’ Poem Was Still as Paternalistic as Ever

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By D. R. James —1/22/17 Outside, still January, but 40 not 15, gauzy, black-and-white woods from The Wolf Man. Inside, a gauzy-gray (un?)consciousness from This White Man, half-reclined in buttery, dove-gray leather. It’s envisioning millions of protesting women, now back perhaps in their individual towns, their power proclaimed not awakened, or still making their way back [...]