Protest personalities

//Protest personalities

Protest personalities

By Ruth McCole

Women’s March, Boston, Massachusetts.
Grim determination turns to gladness turns to awe
We leave too early
Afterward bells ring.

Muslim Ban One, Boston, Massachusetts.
A roiling, boiling storm-crowd
Makes waves.
A man shouts “You’re all going to hell”
A sign reads “Jesus was a refugee.”

Muslim Ban Two, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Nighttime scholar’s vigil
“Not because we are good
But because we are people”
Tears spill.

Tax March, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Village fete, bright and white
“I’m a raisin in a bowl of oatmeal”
“Too many laws killed Freddie.”

March For Science, Washington, D.C.
Rain lashes curious queues
She admires my waterproof placard
I shock her with the PhD Posters price tag
My privilege shows.

Climate March, Boston, Massachusetts.
Rainbows and windmills
My allergies soar
The happiest protest.

Fight Supremacy, Boston, Massachusetts.
A coalition crowd self segregates
Angry men, bandanas, moms
Cameras and screamers dart and shoal
After swaggering flags
Gazebo Nazis through the trees
Unseen, unheard.


Ruth McCole is a scientist from Brookline, Massachusetts. She studies the way genomes evolve to be as they are today. She is resisting and persisting in the new America and tweets about this @Ruth_persists. This is her first poem as an adult.

Photo credit: Haris Krikelis via a Creative Commons license.

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