Then There I Was

//Then There I Was

Then There I Was

By Harry Youtt

Then there I was, cold again,
flipping tossed blankets and a moist sheet
back over, and wishing for another,

knowing this time it must be
the fever leaving;
this time it might be finally over,

hearing at last
the caw of the morning crow
that’s made the night worth listening through

in spite of chaos
and Donnie Trump
and now all the ravens in the yard at sunrise

talking, talking,
telling me
today might be the day.


Harry Youtt is a long-time creative writing instructor in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, where he teaches classes and workshops in memoir writing, narrative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. He has authored numerous poetry collections, including, most recently, Getting Through, Outbound for Elsewhere, and Elderverses. All of them are available via The sentiment behind his title: Getting Through refers directly to our current ongoing predicament. He assembled the poems there as his effort to assist us to shelter in place and gather back our wits for the conflicts that are to come. Harry coordinated the Los Angeles Poets Against the War event back in 2003, which, to him, seems like more than a hundred years ago.

Photo credit: Haley Finn via a Creative Commons license.


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