By Madison “Max” Evans


Was told I was a trooper
from the time
I was a little girl

Shoulders square
chin raised high
I said
my father
stepped onto a plane
and I couldn’t
bear to watch
my eyes downcast
from the window frame

it takes
a strength
to become
a purple heart
to hide horrors under
your pillows
to say goodbyes
that clog in your throat

I lived in
an era of
don’t ask
don’t tells
if there
are no questions
why should you mention

I never stood
about face
but inside
I lost face

were repealed
and shoulders relaxed

at ease soldier

but we marched
one step forward
and two steps back
you weren’t making enough
walling out immigrants
so you took
your fire to the frontlines

and now I hide

It was an honor, sir
to be
your honorable sir



Madison “Max” Evans is a student at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Writing. She enjoys walking along rivers and working with machines three times her size.

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